In This COVID-19 Crisis, Learning Continues Online with Sri Chaitanya Vidyalaya | Admission Open for Class Play Group to 4th Standard
About Sri Chaitanya Vidyalaya Nilakh Pune

SRI CHAITANYA VIDYALAYA…Elevating Academically with Human Values. Our purpose is to constructed a solid base of the student and make our children, capable resident of the nation. As maintained by us, for little kids, school is about having a great time and gaining social abilities — not accomplishing scholarly points of reference.

Faculties, Facilities and Infrastructur.

  • Sri Chaitanaya Vidyalaya is designed with modern and advanced classrooms with safety equipment.
  • Hi - Tech interior decoration.
  • Play area, stage, Yoga area, Audio Visual room are some of the special features of Sri Chaitanaya Vidyalaya .
  • Qualified teachers in the school offer a positive role model for the child to facilitate a creative learning environment.

  • Curriculum is mapped according to the age and developmental performance of the children, which helps them to discover themselves in the school environment.
  • It offers the beginning steps towards reading, writing, Math, G.K. and Behavioural values.
  • It encourages children to go beyond recognition and focus on day to day application as well.
  • It equips the child with multi- dimensional thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, along with lifelong love for learning as an explorer and an inventor.
  • It involves Games, Stories, arts, conversation, worksheets, outings and demonstrations with other teaching aids.
  • English is the official language for education.
  • Assessment will be

Our Vision
  • To elevate students academically, while building their Human Values.
  • To enable children identify their inner talent(s), and grow in that direction.
  • To motivate children to cooperate, share and serve, and live in harmony with nature and God.

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